Active projects

  • apollo: A Lua to C++ binding library, written in modern C++11.
  • My Vim configuration is, of course, a never ending story.
  • This blog. ;-)

Other projects

  • luabind (fork): A fork of the popular Lua to C++ binding library that was written before C++11 was a thing.
  • Jade 2D game engine: Based on SFML and the luabind fork above.
  • FloodFill: A 2D puzzle game; the only game ever made with the above engine.
  • ssig: A tiny signals & slots (“events”) library for C++, because Boost.Signals2 was too slow.

Notable contributions

  • I helped fix a bug that affected all Android 4.x and 5.x kernels for the Samsung Galaxy S2, Note 1, and other Exynos 4210 devices. It was merged e.g in CyanogenMod 11.